Avant Install specializes in creating the perfect multi-media experience for your home. Say goodbye to those obtrusive wires or tangles of cables that make most media rooms unattractive or unappealing. Our installation services allows all those unweildly cables to be hidden from sight. Use a universal remote to control all devices with a touch of a button.

Order our home theater system installation from Avant Install and relax as we do all the work for you. You can now have the ultimate media system with all devices at your fingertips, letting you relax and puts the focus on your entertainment enjoyment. See what packages we offer that fit your household's media goals.



If every house is like a human body, then the family room represents the heart. It is the center for every household, where all the main activities are accomplished. Avant Install recognizes the importance of having a family room that both is functional yet looks extremely appealing. Eyesores such as messy wires and cables can ruin a family movie night.


After one of our expert installs, a push of a button transforms the family room into an amazing theatrical and entertainment production that is worthy of the local theater experience. From dimming lights to hidden screens to automated shades, your media center dreams will inspire amazement and envy with anyone who is lucky to view it. Perfect for everything from karaoke night to a family video game competition and everything in between. Contact the experts at  Avant Install today and transform your current family room in the ultimate multimedia center today.



There is a certain magic about being able to enjoy television programs or music in an outdoor setting. imagine the sunrays and cool breezes accompanying film soundtracks or the latest sitcom laugh tracks. Sporting events are tailor made for lounging by the pool or keeping one eye on the grill, while movie nights are accented under starry skies and snuggling under warm blankets.

Let Avant Install bring up the standards of your outdoor entertainment area. Surround sound speakers with hidden wires bring life to any party, while peek-a-boo television sets and projectors for big screens bring the crowd to its feet. Make sure your guests have an experience to remeber when they leave remensicing about the greatest backyard BBQ they ever attended, all thanks to the futuristic features that your outdoor room package provides.




Let's face it...owning a public movie theater is probably out of most people's price range. But turning your media center into a full-fledged theater showcase? That achievment is something that is not only possible, but completely doable. 

Avant Install brings that undeniable theater experience to your own home by featuring amazing widescreen TVs with 2:35:1 aspect ratio that capture every pixel in scintillating detail. Keep all the annoying wires and distracting speaker boxes hidden thanks to our pinpoint precision design skills. Utilize comfortable plush seats that beckon the viewer to relax and disappear into the film itself.


Let the experts at Avant Install help design a custom theater, complete with layout and sound system choices, and make your next movie going experience the best private screening your houseguests have ever received.



While many have spent hundreds and thousands of dollars on the latest and greatest television sets to enrapture all eyes, some forget to invets the same amount of attention to detail to their accopanying audio systems. Sound is a vital part fo the multimedia experience, from experienceing music videos to listening to the intricacies of dialogue to hearing every sound effect that the latest movie features.

But whether it is movies or music, sound quality remains paramount in completing the ultimate adventure in entertainment. Avant Install experts can help recommend, design, and deliver the perfect combination of sight and sound that is guaranteed to blow you and your guests away. From popping in the freshest, newly released DVD to replaying your favorite CD or mp3, your Avent Install audio system will leave your ears begging for more.




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Avant Install is constantly expanding our network to bring the very best to our customer base. We have serviced a number of Fortune 500 companies, as well as a number of online retailers like ABT Electronics. If you have a need, we can fulfill it. Examples of some of our latest installs include 300-room dorms at USC student housing (University of South Carolina), Arizona State University, and the University of Oregon. Whether you represent a company looking to expand your audience or are an individual looking for home installation services, contact us for more info.


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