Avant Install offers a variety of services for the residential customers or commercial business owner to keep all systems up and running, as well as offering professional installation services for any number of items, including home theater systems, CCTV installation, product and furniture assembly, and appliance installations.



Every man's home is his castle, and it's important to both create an environment that is secure as well as one full of comforts. Avant Install excels at installing top tier home theater and media rooms that meld design and functionality into one eye-catching focal point of any home. From high-end television and audio installs to specialized hidden wire packages, Avant Install brings professional results to our customers, every time.

In addition to the state-of-the-art entertainment centers, Avant Install also offers custom CCTV and video surveillance package installations. Security is paramount for today's home owner, and it is not a time to cut corners when choosing and implementing a system that will keep your home and your family safe from intruders. Avant Install utilizes years of industry experience and know-how to not only custom design the right system for any location, but also to install it right the first time.



All homeowners know that over time things will break and every house needs occasional upkeep. Not many are equipped to handle household maintenance on their own. But thanks to Avant Install, there is a universal solution to home repair. No matter what size job, our company network of amazing contractors and professional handymen are ready to install, repair, or alleviate the problems that have developed in your residence or commercial property.


 A person's residence is often their most valuable commodity, and keeping it in functioning and quality shape remains paramount. Home maintenance is not an area to skimp on or postpone, as small problems can build up to large, expensive complications. Novices that tackle difficult projects often create even more headaches than when they started. Hire someone and get the job done right. That's why our customers call Avant Install.



Purchasing new items for a home or property is the fun part, but deciphering instructions and assembly often leaves those ambitious projects half-finished or poorly constructed or assembled. Avant Install is the solution for those incomplete or precariously engineered endeavors. A team of experts can assist with any product, furniture or exercise equipment assembly, large or small.

Whether a product comes with a daunting instruction booklet, furniture calls for power tools and functional geometry knowledge, or an intensely complex exercise station that requires multiple pairs of hands, Avant Install has your needs met. Years of experience means our team has seen it all, and knows the ins and outs of project assembly. No matter the device, furnishing, or  fitness equipment, our clients have the confidence the job will be done right, thanks to the Avant Install team.



Almost everyone relies on a computer to operate efficiently in their home or workplace. Desktops, laptops, mobile devices, they all play an important role in our daily lives. So when our operating systems become non-functional, the regular routine is disrupted. For those who depend on computers for their livelihood, this can become an all-encompassing problem, leading many to attempt home repair solutions themselves. Finding reliable tech support and quality customer service is even riskier.

Avant Install experts bring the finest combination of experience, first-rate knowledge, and optimum persistence to discover the problem and get the problem computer up and running. Our techs are armed with the best, most modern equipment and techniques, and can troubleshoot all issues, both hardware and software, while offering practical and cost-effective solutions to get any system fully functional and operating at an optimum level. 



Relocating from one place to another ranks among one of the most stressful changes in life. From planning to packing to the physical act of transitioning, moving fills many with stress and discomfort. But the team of Avant Install movers utilizes professional expertise and capabilities to assist with any moving situation. Our company assists with any move, large or small, from small families to large company relocation, from local neighborhood transitions to cross country adventures.

Easy, convenient moves are priority #1 for both Avant Install and the customers and companies that reserve our services. Our fleet of top-of-the-line trucks, our numerous network resources and communication services, and an intelligent, physically fit team of movers make any relocation a breeze. 



Most households depend on their large appliances. Kitchens are incomplete without refrigerators, stoves or dishwashers, laundry rooms feature essential washer and dryer combos, and other residences boast even devices, from ranges to freezers, to high-end microwaves. But headaches abound when it comes to installations, be it moving cumbersome heavy machines to correctly installing said machine to seeking convenient removal of old appliances. Avant Install customers prefer leaving the process to a professional team, and we are always sure to answer the call.

Our experts are there step-by-step to make sure every appliance install goes smoothly. Combining a depth of moving experience with a qualified handyman service install team, Avant Install brings amazing convenience and professionalism to get the job done quickly, and done right.